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Big Hairy Spider

spider cover

Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  Styrofoam Balls

Feather Green Circle  Marabou Boas (2)

Feather Green Circle   Hot Glue

Feather Green Circle  Pipe Cleaners

Feather Directions
spider step 1 STEP 1. Glue two Styrofoam balls together. One ball should be slightly smaller for the spider’s head.
spider step 2 STEP 2. Starting at the center of either ball, glue on the marabou boa, working in a spiral pattern.
spider step 3 STEP 3. Add four pipe cleaner legs onto each side of the spider’s body. Bend and arrange them for a crawling spider effect.
spider step 4 STEP 4. Arrange your spooky spider in a tangle of fake spider webs. Your home is now sufficiently scary to welcome trick-or-treaters and Halloween party guests!

To purchase the items used to craft this project, please see below.
Marabou Boas