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Fall Feathered Wreath

Fall Wreath cover

Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  Pheasant Feathers

Feather Green Circle  Hot Glue

Feather Green Circle  Grapevine Wreath

Feather Green Circle  Wide Ribbon

Feather Green Circle  Broom Corn

Feather Directions
fall wreath step 1 STEP 1. Weave smaller pheasant feathers into a grapevine wreath. If you plan on hanging the wreath outside or somewhere windy, glue the feathers down. For indoor use, simply twisting the feathers in will do nicely.
fall wreath step 2 STEP 2. Weave in some broom corn (or other natural embellishments like wheat.) Again, glue down if needed.
fall wreath step 3 STEP 3. Create an eye-catching burst of feathers and broom corn at the top. Hot glue these elements onto the wreath.
fall wreath step 4 STEP 4. Wrap a length of ribbon around the middle of the feather burst. Secure with hot glue on the back side.
fall wreath step 5 STEP 5. Tie a bow from the large ribbon and attach with hot glue.
fall wreath step 5 STEP 6. There you have it—the perfect autumn decoration! Hang it up and let it greet your guests and warm your home.

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