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Fantastic Feathered Fingernails

Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  Guinea Feathers

Feather Green Circle   Nail Polish (1 Color & 1 Clear Coat)

Feather Green Circle  Scissors

Feather Directions
pillow  step 1 STEP 1. Apply a base color coat to clean prepped nails and let dry.
pillow step 2 STEP 2. Select 10 feathers and trim the bottoms off leaving only the nice clean tops to apply to your nails.
pillow step 3 STEP 3. Cover nails in a liberal layer of clear coat. While wet, gently press the feather tips onto each nail. Remember to press down the side too so the feather perfectly contours to the nail. Allow the nails to dry briefly.
pillow step 4 STEP 4. Once the clear coat is dry, trim the feathers down using a sharp pair of scissors. Shape the feathers to match the curve of the nail.
pillow step 4 STEP 5. Apply another coat of clear polish on top of the feathers to protect them and create shine. Let dry, and your fingers are now fabulously feathered!

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Guinea Feathers