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Feather Cake Topper

Make an elegant DIY cake topper using feathers. Fun, easy, and perfectly customizable to your own wedding colors and style. To make this DIY Project yourself, check out the full photo tutorial here.
feather cake topper cover

Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  Feather floral picks

Feather Green Circle  Turkey Flat Feathers

Feather Green Circle  Rooster Coque Feathers

Feather Green Circle  Ostrich Feathers

Feather Green Circle  Styrofoam ball

Feather Green Circle  Wire

Feather Green Circle  Cake topper platform

Feather Green Circle  Hot glue

Feather Directions
feather cake topper step 1 STEP 1. Cut the styrofoam ball in half and hot glue one half onto the cake topper platform.
feather cake topper step 2 STEP 2. Gather the feathers you will be using and turn them into feather picks by attaching a small length of study wire to the quill with hot glue. Use feathers that match your decor and are sized to complement your cake’s shape and size.
feather cake topper step 3 STEP 3. Begin arranging by placing a feather pick into the center of the foam.
feather cake topper step 4 STEP 4. Surround the feather pick center with four trimmed ostrich feathers.
feather cake topper step 5 STEP 5. Now, we’ll create some smaller feather flowers to decorate the base of the foam ball. Using small dabs of hot glue, attach four turkey flats to the top of a one inch length of wire.
feather cake topper step 6 STEP 6. Cover the rest of the foam ball with the small turkey feather flowers.
feather cake topper step 6 STEP 7. To finish it off, add some curled goose biots around the base.
feather cake topper step alt STEP 8. Experiment with colors that match your wedding decor. Soft pinks and creams also look lovely for this project.

To purchase the items used to craft this project, please see below.
Turkey Flats
Rooster Feathers
Goose Biots
Ostrich Feathers