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feather card

feather cake topper cover

Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  Feathers

Feather Green Circle  Cardstoc

Feather Green Circle  Scrapbook Paper

Feather Green Circle  Embellishments

Feather Green Circle  Stamps & Ink

Feather Green Circle  Hot Glue

Feather Directions
card step 1 STEP 1. Gather the following materials--mix and match to your liking! 1 cardstock card, 1 patterned accent square, 1 cardstock scrap, 1 stamp greeting, and any other embellishment that you fancy.
card step 2 STEP 2. Place and glue the patterned accent square onto the front of the cardstock card.
card step 3 STEP 3. Now place your feathers onto the card and secure it with a dab of hot glue.
card step 4 STEP 4. Ink your stamp and press your greeting onto the cardstock scrap. Cut this greeting out in whatever shape you like best.
card step 5 STEP 5. Arrange the stamped cardstock greeting over the feather and secure with glue. Add dimension by adding sticker and cut-out embellishments as you like.

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