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Add feathers and fancy to any plain hat to create this DIY Easter Bonnet. To make this DIY Project yourself, check out the full photo tutorial here.

Feather Flowered Easter Bonnet

sweet springtime shawl cover

Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  Hat or Bonnet

Feather Green Circle  Silk flowers

Feather Green Circle  Feathers

Feather Green Circle  Tulle (approx. 1YD)

Feather Green Circle  Hot Glue

Feather Green Circle  Scissors

Feather Directions
bonnet step 1 STEP 1. Cut a strip of tulle approximately 4-5 inches wide to wrap around the base of your hat. Fold or ruche the tulle for more texture. You can either trim the excess tulle or leave it as a flowing accent.
bonnet step 2 STEP 2. Trim a length of strung nagorie feathers, about 1-2 inches will do nicely.
bonnet step 3 STEP 3. Roll up the bottom of the strung nagorie and affix it to itself with hot glue. The top will look like a blooming flower!
bonnet step 4 STEP 4. Select a small silk flower for the center of this new feather bloom and gently glue it into place.
bonnet step 5 STEP 5. Arrange an assortment of silk and feather flowers on the brim of the hat. Add additional Feathers and tufts of tulle for more variety. Once everything is perfectly placed, glue each item down with a dab of hot glue.

To purchase the items used to craft this project, please see below.
Nagorie Feathers
Goose Satinettes
Coquille Feathers