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Feather Headband

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Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  Ribbon

Feather Green Circle  Feathers

Feather Green Circle   Hot Glue

Feather Directions
headband step 1 STEP 1. First, we are going to attach each feather to a length of ribbon. Do this by using a small dab of glue, and wrapping the ribbon around the quill of the feather.
headband step 2 STEP 2. Once all your feathers are attached to pieces of ribbon, arrange them how you would like them to hang. You might want to consider the height and hair length of the person who will be wearing this headband, and adjust the hanging length as necessary.
headband step 2 STEP 3. Now, we’ll attach our hanging ribboned feathers to another vertical length of ribbon. This piece of ribbon needs to be long enough to wrap around the head and be secured in back with a knot or bow. You can either tie the ribbons on, or attach them with small dabs of glue. You’ll want to position the ribbons near the ends of the vertical ribbon so that all the Place the ribbon on the head of the wearer with the feathers cascading down their back. Secure the main ribbon in a simple knot or bow.

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Feather Mix