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Feather Necklace

The biggest party of the year is just around the corner…Ring in the New Year and add a touch of glamour to your outfit with a fancy feather necklace! Our DIY Feather Necklace tutorial will show you a simple and creative way to try something new this holiday season!
Feather Necklace

Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  White Parried Turkey Feathers (TRPS8-.50YD)

Feather Green Circle  1 Applique

Feather Green Circle  Mag Tac Glue

Feather Green Circle  ½ YD of White Bias Tape

Feather Green Circle  Needle & Thread

Feather Green Circle  Jewelry Lobster Clasp & Jump Rings

Feather Green Circle  Chain Nose Pliers

Feather Green Circle  Scissors

Feather Directions
feather necklace step 1 STEP 1. Cut the strung turkey feathers to desired length. (Your measurements will be different depending the applique you are using). We used 4 inches to compliment our applique.
feather necklace step 2 STEP 2. Cut a piece of folded bias tape to desired length to wrap over the ends of the strung feathers. We cut a 4 inch piece of 1 inch bias tape and then cut three slits 1 inch apart. Cutting the slits will allow you to curve the shape of the strung feathers to the shape of your applique.
feather STEP 3. Glue the bias tape over the edge of the strung feathers on both sides. You will need to curve the shape of the strung feathers to the shape of your applique. Apply glue to the back of your applique and gently press the applique onto the edge of the bias tape.
feather STEP 4. Sew chain on the each side of the applique. (You may also use ribbon)
feather STEP 5. Use your needle nose pliers to add a clasp on one end of the chain, and the metal base hoop at the opposite end of the chain.
feather necklace step 7 STEP 6. Voilà, You’re done! Now go make a statement with your fancy feather necklace!

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Parried Turkey Ruffs