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Feather Pom Poms

feather pom poms

Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  Paper Lantern

Feather Green Circle  Chandelle Boa

Feather Green Circle   Hot Glue

Feather Green Circle  Ribbon

Feather Directions
spider step 1 STEP 1. Assemble paper lantern according to the package instructions.
spider step 2 STEP 2. About two inches from the top of the lantern, start attaching the boa with hot glue. Spiral down and around covering the entire lantern.
spider step 3 STEP 3. Once the lantern is covered, tie a length of matching ribbon to the top for hanging.
spider step 4 STEP 4. Using thumb tacks or tape, attach the free end of the ribbon to the ceiling. Make multiple lanterns in various sizes and shapes. Different ribbon lengths will help achieve a full and evenly-spaced display.

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Chandelle Boas