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Kids Crafts~Feather and Felt Bird Book DIY Instructions

The Quiet Book of Birds is a craft project your kids will really enjoy. Using felt and feathers we have step by step instructions for making a forever book they will always be proud of.
quiet cover

Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  Felt

Feather Green Circle  Feathers

Feather Green Circle  Fabric (about 1/2 yard per page)

Feather Green Circle  Needle & threads

Feather Green Circle  Grommets

Feather Green Circle  Ribbon

Feather Green Circle  Printed bird template (See Step 7)

Feather Directions
quite book step 1 STEP 1. Print out the bird template (we’ll use the rooster for this tutorial). Cut out the basic shape from felt.
quite book step 2 STEP 2. Add different colors to the body of the bird. Add a beak or feet or whatever you’d like. Get creative and make your bird colorful and interesting!
quite book step 3 STEP 3. Cut an 11 X 11 inch piece of cotton for the background. Arrange the pieces of felt into place along with the bird’s feathers and pin it all securely to the cotton background.
quite book step 4 STEP 4. Using a matching thread, carefully sew around each felt element. Be sure to stitch the feathers down well.
quite book step 5 STEP 5. Finish the page by sewing another 11 X 11 inch piece of cotton and a peice of light batting onto the front of the page. Leave a small space unsewn to flip the page back right side out. Once flipped, press the cotton and add any embellishing stitches.
quite book step 6 STEP 6. Repeat the same process with as many birds as you’d like. On the back sides of the pages you could easily add some text (applique, fabric paint, or embroidery would all be great methods) describing the birds. Examples: “Terrific Turkey” & “Pretty Peacock” & “Rowdy Rooster”. Add grommets to each page and lace it all together with some colorful ribbon.
quite book step 7 STEP 7. Download each bird pattern by clicking the following links: Rooster Template, Peacock Template, Ostrich Template, Duck Template, Turkey Template
duck page Darling Duck!
ostrich page Ornery Ostrich!
peacock page Pretty Peacock!
turkey page Terrific Turkey!
turkey page Baby Birdies!

To purchase the items used to craft this project, please see below.
Duck Feathers
Rooster Feathers
Peacock Feathers
Ostrich Feathers
Turkey Feathers
Marabou Feathers