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Holiday Feather Chandelier

Holiday Feather Chandelier

Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  2 Stripped Goose Nagoire Feather Boas (5-NSB60)

Feather Green Circle  6 Feather Floral Picks (FSGNPF2--W-OP)

Feather Green Circle  1 Package of Natural Peacock Swords (B460-25--N)

Feather Green Circle  1 Package Decorative Floral Twigs

Feather Green Circle  24” Wire Wreath Frame

Feather Green Circle  24” 1 ½ “ White Ribbon Spool

Feather Green Circle  Clear Fishing Line

Feather Green Circle  18GA Floral Wire

Feather Green Circle  Wire Cutters

Feather Directions
feather chandelier 1 STEP 1. Wrap each boa around the wreath frame. Tie fishing wire throughout the boa to securely hold into place.
feather chandelier step 2 STEP 2. Select your peacock feather swords and shape/curl as desired. Peacock swords are shaped best with a non-blunt or rounded edge (like closed scissors or pencil). Use the same technique you might use to curl ribbon for a gift. Trim off approximately 4-5 inches of each feather stem.
feather STEP 3. Using clear floral tape, wrap both peacock sword and feather floral pick together. Continue with all six of the feather floral picks.
feather STEP 4. Evenly space each feather floral pick around the wreath (approximately every 4”).
feather STEP 5. Trim decorative twigs and wrap each branch with a thin gage floral wire in order to wrap into the base of the floral wreath.
feather STEP 6. Assemble the ribbon to hang the feather chandelier. First cut 3 pieces of ribbon equal lengths according to where you are going to hang the wreath. Then Feed the ribbon thru the inner wire frame at 3 points spaced placed evenly (approximately every 8” on a 24”dia. wire wreath frame).
feather chandelier step 7 STEP 7. Next gather and bring the 3 ribbons to a point and staple them together. Fold the ribbon over leaving a loop so that it can hang from a ceiling hook and staple. You can also add a decorative bow to mask the stapled area. It’s now ready to hang!

To purchase the items used to craft this project, please see below.
Stripped Goose Boa
Feather Floral Pick Goose Nagoire with Ting
Natural Peacock Swords 25pc pkg