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Easter Bunny Bag

Learn how to make your own stencil using freezer paper to create this fun DIY Easter tote. Excellent for storing colorful eggs or Easter treats! To make this DIY Project yourself, check out the full photo tutorial here.

Pretty Peacock Costume

Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  Marabou Boa

Feather Green Circle  Fabric

Feather Green Circle  Fabric Paint

Feather Green Circle  Stenciling Brush

Feather Green Circle  Freezer Paper for Stencil

Feather Green Circle  Sewing Supplies

Feather Green Circle  Hot glue

Feather Directions
peacock step 1 STEP 1. First, cut both fabrics to 13 X 14 inch rectangles. Fold them in half, and then fold over the top inch of both sides. Iron everything flat.
peacock step 2 STEP 2. Once both fabrics are ironed, sew seams up the sides, making the rectangles into bags.
peacock step 3 STEP 3. Flip the duck canvas bag inside out and press flat with a dry hot iron.
peacock step 4 STEP 4. Next, we’ll align our bunny stencil (wax side down), and then iron in place onto the fabric.
peacock step 5 STEP 5. Fill your stenciling brush with fabric paint and gently dab the bunny until all filled. Allow the paint to dry for 20-30 minutes.
peacock step 6 STEP 6. Peel off your stencil.
peacock step 6 STEP 7. Attach a small poof to the bunny bottom using a dab of hot glue.
peacock step 6 STEP 8. Now grab your cotton lining bag and insert it into the duck canvas bag. Make sure your top edges line up nicely.
peacock step 6 STEP 9. To create the handle, take your 12 inch length of marabou boa and pin the ends of the boa in between the duck canvas and the cotton lining layers.
peacock step 6 STEP 10. To secure the layers together and to keep the handles in place, sew a line around the top of the bag.

To purchase the items used to craft this project, please see below.
Marabou Boas (Solids)
Marabou Boas (Mixes)