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Pride Parade Shades

Pride parade shades made with rainbow feathers are easy to make and are fun to wear no matter what event your are attending. Get creative and DIY with your own unique design by adding feathers to your sunglasses and show off your pride.
birdcage veil cover

Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  Feathers

Feather Green Circle  Hot Glue

Feather Green Circle   Sunglasses

Feather Directions
feather cake topper step 1 STEP 1. We’ll begin by stripping away the fuzzier bottom parts of the feathers. Trim them at an upward angle, leaving triangle-shaped heads like in the picture.
feather cake topper step 2 STEP 2. Arrange the trimmed feathers in rainbow order (ROYGBIV) along the top of the sunglasses. Secure with small dabs of hot glue.
feather cake topper step 3 STEP 3. Add an embellishment to the bottom of the feathers to finish off the design.
feather cake topper step 3 STEP 4. You can get really creative when feathering your sunglasses! There are lots of options, from feathers that are big and showy, to feathers that are small and subdued. Here we’ve used coque feathers, ostrich feathers, and turkey flats for three very different looks. Show off both your pride and your creative side with your own unique design!

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Turkey Flats
Coque Feathers
Ostrich Feathers