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Kids Crafts - Feather Charms for Jewelry

Step by Step instructions from the Feather Place to make feather charms to decorate fashion and accessories. This is a perfect craft idea for kids camps or summer craft ideas for kids. Perfect decorations for braided camp friendship bracelets, camp lanyards and Paracord necklaces.
rainbow loom feather charms cover

Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  Feathers

Feather Green Circle  Fold-over jewelry fastner

Feather Green Circle  Jumper rings

Feather Green Circle  Rainbow Loom bracelet

Feather Directions
rainbow loom step 1 STEP 1. Choose a handful (about 8-10) of small feathers. Strip the feathers of the fuzzier bottom part, leaving about an inch of stripped quill. There are many different kinds of feathers that will work well for this project, find links in the Products Used section below.
rainbow STEP 2. Place the stripped quill in the center of the fold-over crimp piece. Gently push the folds down, securing the feather quill. Trim any left over quill.
rainbow loom step 3 STEP 3. Repeat step 2 on as many feathers as you’d like to adorn your bracelet.
rainbow loom step 4 STEP 4. Slip a jump ring around a loop on the bracelet, and then onto the feathered crimp piece. Squeeze the ring closed.
rainbow loom step 5 STEP 5. Continue attaching the charms until you have filled the bracelet to your liking.
rainbow loom step 6 STEP 6. Your bracelet is ready to wear!
rainbow loom step 7 STEP 7. There are so many feather options for this project! Try some small peacock eyes, goose satinettes, guinea, or pheasant plumage. With so many colors and shapes, you will never run out of beautiful bracelet options.

To purchase the items used to craft this project, please see below.
Peacock Feathers
Goose Satinettes
Guinea Feathers
Duck Feathers
Pheasant Feathers
Marabou Feathers