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Rustic Feather Garland

This DIY feather garland makes the perfect addition to a rustic wedding. Hang outside or on barn walls to add gentle fluttering movement and flair to your wedding decorations. To make this DIY Project yourself, check out the full photo tutorial here.
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Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  Rope or braided burlap strips

Feather Green Circle  Feathers (pheasant, duck crosse, red chinchilla)

Feather Green Circle  Burlap

Feather Green Circle  Lace

Feather Green Circle  Twine

Feather Green Circle  Wire

Feather Green Circle  Pliers

Feather Directions
feather garland step 1 STEP 1. Measure out the location where you will be hanging your garland. Add 6-8 inches (for drape) onto to this measurement to determine the length of your main garland rope. Cut the rope to that length.
feather garland step 2 STEP 2. Arrange your feathers, burlap, and lace strips along the length of the rope. Varying lengths and types of feathers will give the garland visual interest.
feather garland step 3 STEP 3. Take your first feather and hold the end of some twine to the shaft end. Using the pliers, wrap a bit of wire around both the feather tip and the twine, holding them together.
feather garland step 4 STEP 4. Trim the twine to the desired length and tie it onto the main garland rope.
feather garland step 5 STEP 5. Continue the process, tying on feathers and burlap and lace strips until you have filled the length of the main rope. Hang the garland at your rustic wedding venue and enjoy!

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