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Santa's Feather Fluff Ornament

A great DIY ornament for your own tree or for holiday gift giving. With just a few simple supplies, you can make this ornament up in a jiffy. Easy enough for kiddos to join in the DIY fun! To make this DIY Project yourself, check out the full photo tutorial here.
santa ornament cover

Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  Clear Ornament

Feather Green Circle  Black Ribbon

Feather Green Circle  Gold Glitter Paper

Feather Green Circle  White Marabou Boa

Feather Green Circle  Red Fine Glitter

Feather Green Circle  Floor Wax

Feather Directions
santa ornament step 1 STEP 1. Remove the top of the ornament and pour in about a teaspoon of floor wax. Swirl the wax around, coating the entire interior of the globe. Don’t forget to get it all the way to the top.
santa ornament step 2 STEP 2. Once the inside is fully coated, pour in a generous amount of glitter. Begin swirling and shaking the glitter around. Add more glitter if necessary and keep shaking until the whole globe is glittered!
santa ornament step 3 STEP 3. Glue a length of black ribbon around the widest section of the ornament. This will become Santa’s belt.
santa ornament step 4 STEP 4. Cut a buckle shape out of the glitter paper and hot glue it onto the belt.
santa ornament step 5 STEP 5. Wrap the marabou boa around the top of the ornament and trim. Secure with some hot glue. You now have a very merry ornament to hang on your tree or to give as a gift.

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Marabou Boas