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Steaming Feathers

curling goose feathers
Steaming Feathers
Feathers are natural products, and as such, they are prone to wrinkling, wear and tear. If you have some feathers that look a bit ragged or dry, perhaps from long periods of storage, you can revitalize them with a quick blast of steam. If you have a garment steamer, that will work wonderfully, but if not, a tea kettle will work just as well. The process is simple--hold your feathers over the stem (being careful not to burn yourself!) and watch as the moisture works its magic. Gently shape the moist feathers with your fingers or gently shake them to achieve a natural look. A note about ostrich; you can steam ostrich, but be sure to keep the feather from getting damp; the flue on ostrich will look stringy and lifeless when damp, and is impossible to revive.