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Sweet Springtime Shawl

Great for chilly Easter morning egg hunts, this fun spring sewing project uses simple fabrics and marabou boas to create the perfect spring accessory! To make this DIY Project yourself, check out the full photo tutorial here.

sweet springtime shawl cover

Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  Fabric (about 2 yards, 1 main, 1 lining)

Feather Green Circle  Marabou or chandelle boas

Feather Green Circle  Thread and sewing supplies (needles or sewing machine)

Feather Green Circle  Ribbon, button, or snaps

Feather Green Circle  Ruler or compass

Feather Directions
sweet springtime shawl step 1 STEP 1. Start with your fabric folded over once and then again, so you will be cutting through four layers of fabric.
sweet springtime shawl step 2 STEP 2. Using a ruler or compass, measure out the neckline. A 3-inch radius is what we used for this little girl size, but feel free to increase or decrease that to fit.
sweet springtime shawl step 3 STEP 3. Now measure out the outer border of the shawl. For this small size, we went out 11 inches, but again, increase or decrease to a length that feels comfortable to you!
sweet springtime shawl step 4 STEP 4. Cut your folded fabric along the drawn lines and unfurl it to a flat circle like this.
sweet springtime shawl step 5 STEP 5. The next step is very flexible; you are going to cut a section of the circle out—if you want a more draping shawl, cut a small section out. For a more structured and straight look, cut a larger section! You can also decide to leave the edge straight, or to cut a scalloped shape.
sweet springtime shawl step 6 STEP 6. With wrong sides in, pin your two pieces of fabric and sew around the outer edge leaving the neckline unsewn.
sweet springtime shawl step 7 STEP 7. Now flip the piece inside out and press down your seams. Press the neckline under as well, and hand stitch it closed with a blind stitch. (If you’d like to add a collar, insert into the neckline before stitching close.)
sweet springtime shawl step 8 STEP 8. Arrange your boa onto the pressed caplet, starting at the edges. Using a whipstitch, tack the boa onto the first layer of fabric only, not the lining. You can just trim the piece or you can cover the whole thing by continuing to lay down parallel lines of boa.
sweet springtime shawl step 9 STEP 9. Finish the piece with some ribbon, snap, or button to secure at the neckline. You now have a very sweet shawl for your favorite little lady!

To purchase the items used to craft this project, please see below.
Marabou Boas
Chandelle Boas